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Express Laundry & Drycleaners provides
On Demand Pick-up & Delivery Service
In as little as 30 minutes.

Express Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

Express Laundry & Drycleaners

Your Preferred Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Provider in Nairobi!

Discover Express Drycleaners, your premier destination for top-notch laundry and dry cleaning services in Nairobi. Our dedicated team ensures your garments receive the utmost care and attention they deserve, delivering impeccable results every time.

Benefit from our convenient 7.30AM to 9.30PM service hours tailored to fit your busy schedule, exclusively in Nairobi. Enjoy hassle-free convenience with our instant pick-up and delivery service. Plus, with pick-ups made before 9PM, expect your garments to be promptly delivered by 7AM the following day.

Trust Express Drycleaners for exceptional quality and unparalleled convenience in laundry and dry cleaning services in Nairobi.

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Our Services

Get the "CleanCloud: App

Search for "CleanCloud" App

Select your Country 'KENYA'
Select "Express Drycleaners" Store

Create an Account

To book your Pickup, Select date & time, then click 'REQUEST PICKUP'

Wait! Does it get any better? You bet!

Enjoy hassle-free convenience with our instant pick-up and delivery service.

Our Laundry & dry cleaning services are available from 7.30 AM to 9.30 PM, (Nairobi only)

Express Drycleaning and Laundry services in under 2 hrs at no extra cost

Have a question about our Laundry & dry cleaning services? Don’t speculate. CALL US

The Express Laundry App

On Demand


The time on the app shows how soon our Express Guy could get to you. Tap the number and tap confirm to send an Express Laundry truck to your house.

Or Later

If you would like to use Express Laundry and dry cleaning service later in the day simply tap Or Later. Select an appointment from available days and times and tap Confirm.

Feel Special

Preferential treatment

Specify your laundry and dry cleaning preferences within the app, such as fabric softener, bleach for whites, or green cleaning.

As you like it

After you confirm your pick-up, you can give us any special instructions for your order. You will also be given an estimate for when your order will be ready, and a place for promo codes. Tap Complete Order to save this information.

Track your Orders

Every step of the way

You’ll be notified as your laundry, wash and fold, wash and press, and dry cleaning orders are picked-up, being cleaned, and ready for scheduling delivery.

We have history

All of your orders are conveniently located in the app showing a list of each garment cleaned, all prices, and your order total.

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